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Dongguan City Forest Product Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise, specializing in encoders, potentiometers, switches and other electronic components, and precision metal...
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Company News
Industry News
  2017 Basketball Game Amphenol RFA VS LJV 2017.09.23
  The top ten encoder brands of online voting in China - LJV family in action 2017.09.08
  LJV Corporation successfully carried out the sixth voluntary blood donation activity 2017.08.28
  LJV enterprise organizes staff a two-day tour in Huangteng gorge warrior drifting and Cattle fish mo 2017.08.25
  LJV Enterprise MV is officially released!! 2017.08.18
  LJV was awarded by excellent enterprise of unpaid blood donation——Harmonious society, health sharing 2017.07.14
  2017 LJV Power from Soul Training ——a feast of spiritual baptism 2017.07.01
  Loving family organized by LJV Charity Committee 2017.06.30
  2017 LJV Company Training Preheating of “Power from Soul” 2017.06.23
  MV preparation for LJV enterprise 2017.06.17
  The 9th Broadcast Gymnastics Competition For LJV Group 2017 2017.06.06
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